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Event Management System 

We have reserved some rooms for faculty to use for group office hours and/or advising. The following guidelines must be followed regarding testing:

For faculty who wish to hold group office or advising hours:

If you plan to return to campus routinely for group advising or office hours, you will need to enroll in the College’s surveillance testing protocol. Contact Human Resources to get enrolled. You must also schedule a test in HC Clear for your first day back to campus. 

If you plan to return to campus for occasional group advising or office hours, you must schedule a test in HC Clear at the testing center for the day of your scheduled return.

Note on Having Students Return to Campus

Please note that you cannot require or encourage students who are not in the College's COVID-19 surveillance testing program to return to campus. Doing so places them in jeopardy of conduct violations, and creates significant health and safety concerns. Students who are not in the testing protocol cannot join it at any time during the semester

Welcome to the Holy Cross Event Management System. Through EMS you can reserve space for meetings & events, include any audio visual resources needed, and add catering services, including dining services pick-ups and deliveries. 

The following information is required to complete your request:

  • Date, Start & End time
  • Facility location
  • Attendance
  • Room set up type
  • Event Name
  • Event type (this should match your event: meeting, luncheon lobby table, etc. If you don’t see a match, use “meeting” as the event type. 
  • Organization
  • Contact information: name, telephone number, email address

By clicking on the reoccurrence tab, you can request a series of meetings on one reservation.
If your request includes catering services, (for billing purposes) you must enter each date separately.When including catering services, a complete chart string is required. Below is a sample of a required chart string which includes your account, fund organization, program, subclass, project (if applicable).  

Note: Please do not enter spaces or hyphens, i.e. 54501000310500700000000  

Your requests are submitted in a “tentative” status, and while in the “tentative” status, you can edit your request in the following ways: changing the number of attendees, adding or deleting resources, adding notes, or even cancelling your request. Spaces requested are subject to review and may be changed for scheduling and setup purposes.

You can make the same edits to your request in a “confirmed” status as well with the following exceptions: you can not edit the date, time or location of your event. You would need to call the Scheduler, to make those changes for you.  To cancel an event within a 24 hour period/next day, you would need to call the Scheduler and Dining Services (if catering is included) as soon as possible.  

One week prior to your event, you will receive a reminder to REVIEW your upcoming event. At this time, you are able to make all necessary additions or changes as listed above.