Holy Cross

Event Management System 

Welcome to the Holy Cross Event Management System.   Through this system you can reserve space for meetings & events, order AV Equipment, Catering Services and even Pick-ups / Deliveries.

There are a few pieces of information that you will need in order to complete your reservations. 

  • Date, Start / End times, Room Set Up, Estimated Number of Attendees.   
  • As with our previous system, you can request a series of meetings on one reservation when there are no catering services required and the meetings are all for the same time frame. 
  • Any AV Equipment required for the event.
  • Now you can order your catering services as a part of your reservation.  This will improve the flow of information to Dining Services and replace the need for a separate Requisition / Payment Form to be submitted, but you will need your complete Chart String to complete your reservation.
  • The complete Chart String required includes:

 Account – Fund – Organization – Program – Subclass - Project (if applicable)   

 Note:  Do not enter spaces or hyphens, i.e.  54501000310500700000000       

 Your request can not be submitted without the entire Chart String, as it is on an R/P form.  

Your reservations are submitted as a “Tentative” and will be confirmed once it has been checked.  Schedulers will check to see that the reservation is complete and that the space is appropriate for the event requested.  Spaces may be changed if there is a better fit for the College as a whole.