Student Employment Guide - Department List

Campus Employment

Campus Employment will be assigned to each department as exceptions to Work Study.

The process for requesting an exception for Campus Employment is:

Once the hiring manager has the authorization to hire a Campus Employment student, the same hiring procedures will apply.

If a department is unable to fill student positions using Work Study students and, after Oct. 1, the department wishes to fill these positions with Campus Employment students, the request from the hiring manager must go to HR for authorization to:

All the other rules in the Policy continue to apply to all hires. If you have questions about Student Employment, please contact Pat Halpin at:

Department List
Advancement (1) * Athletics (7)
Community Work Study (20) * Dining Services- Cool Beans & On the Rocks (1)
* Dining Services- Crossroads (1) * Dining Services- Kimball (3)
Spanish (1) Transportation (1)
Visual Arts (1)

* - Indicates that the department has jobs available to first year students.